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 Call Of Duty MW3 : The reason I hate FPS games.

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Mr Gamer

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PostSubject: Call Of Duty MW3 : The reason I hate FPS games.   Mon Jan 02, 2012 3:56 pm

Have a look at this vid of a MW 3 player, who managed 144 kills...

Now, its sh** like that why I hate First Person Shooters!! Ruins the game for other players, and imo players who use that cheap tactic should be banned!!! Multiplayer games are being constantly ruined by idiots, who think theres some sort of skill involved, by shooting people just as they spawn in!! Go to Youtube, and spam that dislike button!!! Seriously, I gave up playing FPS games, and I love Battlefield 3, but every game I joined seemed to be full of players who either spawn camp, or use glitches to make themselves either invincible, or have the ability to teleport behind you in an instant!! As long as games are filled with these morons, I shall be sticking to single player games....

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Call Of Duty MW3 : The reason I hate FPS games.
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