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 The old Pre-owned games argument....

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Mr Gamer

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PostSubject: The old Pre-owned games argument....   Sun Aug 07, 2011 8:40 pm

Don't know about the rest of you, but sometimes I can't afford the full £40 or £44 for a new game, so I wait till I can get it pre-owned...thats what I've done with alot of my recent games ( C&C, Black-Ops, etc). Now, I understand that games developers don't see a penny of pre-owned games sales, but they churn out DLC for games that cost us money, (ie: Black-Ops map packs, £10 each, 4 or 5 packs, thats an extra £40 or £50!) When I got Mass Effect 2, inside was a Cerberus Network Code, which gave me some free stuff...now, in order for me to play as a different profile, and use the online system, I had buy the code again :O Same with Bad Company 2...the VIP code worked for only 1 profile...which is a bit crap IMO...lets say, you have 2 kids, who use the same Xbox, 2 subscriptions, £39 x2 a year, then you get ME2, £39.99, then you have to get another Cerberus code, 1200 MS points (£10) or lets say you get ME2 pre-owned, 2 cerberus codes... 2400 M$ points, which means you'd have to get a 4200 M$ card...shit IMO!!

Whats your opinion on Pre-owned games??

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PostSubject: Re: The old Pre-owned games argument....   Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:44 pm

I Agree - Preowned is brilliant for us who can't afford to buy brand new, like you said they get extra money from DLC & any codes needed to play online.

I know its an expensive job tho & they need to earn a fair bit back to make the games viable, and the work that goes into games is incredible, so it does suck that they don't get any extra pennies from the pre-owned games being sold as they do deserve it, but like you said they get extra money from the DLCs & that which does all mount up.

I Can see both sides, but for us Pre-owned is brilliant as there is just no way we can afford the £40-50 straight out 99% of the time
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The old Pre-owned games argument....
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