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 Mass Effect 3 news *CONTAINS A MAJOR SPOILER!!!*

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PostSubject: Mass Effect 3 news *CONTAINS A MAJOR SPOILER!!!*   Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:47 pm

Ok, so EA/Bioware have thought of another way of f***ing over gamers. If you spend £60 on the N7 Collectors edition of Mass Effect 3, you get another squad-mate. Same as ME2 I hear you say....well, in this instance, thats not the case.... I've recently found out (after a huge f*** up on XBL Marketplace!) that the extra character is a Prothean....a major player in the fight against the Reapers....so, therefore its a major part of the story. Its free, like I said if you buy the more expensive version of the game... but, if like me, you'll be getting the normal version of Mass Effect 3, it will be, in essence, incomplete....we can buy the squad-mate and mission for 1200M$ points, but I think its bad marketing on Bioware/EA's part....

Like I said, technically, we're getting f***ed over, and not getting a complete version of Mass Effect 3.....

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Mass Effect 3 news *CONTAINS A MAJOR SPOILER!!!*
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