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 Mass Effect

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PostSubject: Mass Effect   Sun Mar 06, 2011 4:51 pm

So, the other day I started a re-run of Mass Effect 1. Brilliant, inspired game that it is! The story sucks you in, and makes you feel like apart of a big galaxy. I love Mass Effect, and its the type of game you can play over and over again. Do you make Paragon choices? or be a Renegade? the choice is entirely upto the gamer. What I like the most, is that Bioware have said all along, the the Mass Effect franchise was always going to be a trilogy (lets hope 20 years later, they don't do a George Lucas!) and all the decisions you made in the first game, carry on through the series. Lets say, on Virmire in ME1, you kill Wrex, he aint gunna be in 2 or 3...let the Rachni Queen go on Noveria, you know there gunna help in ME3! Things like that, are to me brilliant.

One thing that I was miffed about, was the direction Bioware took with Mass Effect 2...dont get me wrong, its an excellent addition to Biowares ever expanding collection, and a good sequel to ME1..but, (here it comes!) what the hell where Bioware thinking with taking out all the things we all loved about Mass Effect?? I've played alot of RPG's over the years, ( Shining Force 1&2, Morrowind, Ultima Online, most Final Fantasy games from 7 through to 13. Oblivion, Fallout 3 & New Vegas, Fantasy Star I, II, III, IV & V!) and all of the above mentioned had 1 thing in common : an Inventory screen! I'm all for change, and I also know that alot of people didn't like the "clunky" inventory management of ME1, but to completly scrap it in favour of an armour locker and gun locker is abit short-sighted imo....most sequels have an overhaul, and things are changed slightly. Take Fallout New Vegas...Bethesda didnt scrap anything from Fallout 3...they expanded on it...Bioware didn't scrap anything from KOTOR they expanded on it..(see where I'm goin?)

I know Mass Effect had things in that were'nt everyones cup of tea (or coffee..) like the Mako, and planet exploration. Why couldn't Bioware fix the problems? Instead we got linear planet enviroments, linear inside enviroments (where, in the future all buildings have convieniently placed hip-height walls, and desks ) and a crappy hover tank that has crap shields and armour....also, the mineral collection mini game...wtf was that about?? Is Shepard moonlighting as a galactic quantity surveyor?
Back to the planet "exploration" Razz Bioware where very clever giving us a drop-shuttle imo. They did give us the Hammerhead I suppose.. but again, wtf was the whole "Hold Y button down whislt hovering above a circle" ? Question I loved stepping (well, kinda falling back to the ground) out of the Mako on an uncharted world, walking upto some raw materials and collecting them. In ME2, which, we're told is set two years later, all the "raw" materials you find are all in crates...wow! technology really must of come on since Shepard died, thats all I can say.....

Which, brings me nicely to my next issue(s), squadmate armour, or lack of to be precise...I loved equiping my team in ME1 with different armours and add-ons...Garrus in his Phantom armour, Wrex in his Battlemaster armour, and Ashley in her Pheonix armour..it was believable...in space, organics have to wear sealed, space suits...I know Mass Effect is Science Fiction, but most sci-fi as elements of science fact included somewhere.... in ME2, its seems Bioware where more concerned with appearance than continuity...take Jack for instance...convieniently placed straps dont protect against harsh enviroments, neither does Miranda's jumpsuit. Someone said over on the offical Bioware Mass Effect forum that it was like saying "How does Shepard survive a hit from a rocket?" well, simpy answer, all hard-suits in the ME universe, are equipped with kinetic barriers...Jacks "straps" aren't, neither is Miranda's suit, nor is Mordins lab suit...my point: continuity is what gamers and fans of a francise expect...
One last point to make (I've been rambling!) the helmet toggle option seems to have been taken out too..but odd imo. Example... if you bought Dragon Age Origins, we where rewarded with Blood Dragon Armour for DA:O and ME2...now, in DA:O you can take the helm off..in ME2, its a complete, sealed suit...ok...but, first mission, lets say you use the BDA (blood dragon armour) you land on Freedoms Progress, and you find Tali and some Quarians...without saying anything Tali automatically recognizes Shepard...but of a problem there...sealed suit, full face helm...no clues as to who the hells in the armour..but hey! it must be Shepard, coz their kinda the same height!!

Anyway, dont get me wrong, I love Mass Effect and I cant wait for Mass Effect 3, I just pray to the god of gaming that Bioware listen to criticism like last time and "fix" the problems in ME2...we can only wait and see I suppose....
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Mass Effect
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