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 Frontlines Fuel of War (Xbox 360)

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PostSubject: Frontlines Fuel of War (Xbox 360)   Thu Jan 05, 2012 4:25 pm

Loved this game to bits!! An excellent FPS game, which I played everyday Cool Excellent gameplay, and excellent maps. I loved every second of this game, and I would still be playing it now if Kaos kept the multiplayer servers up....shame there won't be another FFOW game. It was the first FPS game I ever played online. I've played CoD, Battlefield and Homefront, which are all good, but none of them have caught my attention as much as this. Vehicles were'nt that hard to master, and the map design was spot on. Its through this game, I joined my first gaming clan. Clan of The Assasin, or COTA as we where known. The clan had a huge presence on FFOW, and our main aim was to play fairly, and punish all players who thought "spawn camping" and glitching were acceptable.

Heres a little gameplay vid of my fave map, Solar Farm :

Weapons where brilliant IMO, as where the unlocks. I loved the Fuel air Bomb! Nothing better than letting that loose amongst loads of enemies!! My fave vehicle had to be the Western Coalition attack chopper Smile I had that mastered, and I loved the fighter jets too. As I said, its a shame Kaos stopped all server support, but there is still people playing it. Thing is, the hit detection on most private servers is astonishingly bad!!

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Frontlines Fuel of War (Xbox 360)
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