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 Two Worlds (Xbox 360)

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PostSubject: Two Worlds (Xbox 360)   Mon Oct 24, 2011 3:22 pm

When I saw this game, I was really looking forward to playing it!! An RPG that lets you "shape" the world around you...and I thought it might be a 3rd person version of Oblivion. So, I payed full price for it (£37.99) and I eagerly placed it into my Xbox....I selected my character, picked my traits and talents then set off on my adventure...omg! I was really disapointed!! The graphics are sub-par for a system like the 360....the sound effects are shockingly bad, and the character animations, are, to be honest crap!! I did try the multiplayer side of the game aswell.....suffice to say I shall never play it again....the game I joined was so laggy, that everytime I tried to move forward, my character took about 5 minutes to respond!! The game was also filled with screamy,shouty kids who would not shut up!!
Two Worlds is a shockingly bad game, that I shall never mention again.....ever!!

There was a sequel released, that you can only buy online....I wonder why....?

Heres a vid of Two Worlds....(watch at you own peril!)

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Two Worlds (Xbox 360)
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