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 Mass Effect 2 DLC Incoming

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PostSubject: Mass Effect 2 DLC Incoming   Tue Mar 22, 2011 4:58 pm

Next bit of DLC for Mass Effect 2 is set to be released on the 29th March. Called Arrival, its supposed to bridge the gap between 2 and 3, and some people think this will be the last DLC for ME2.

Basically, Shepard is sent on a mission to the edge of the galaxy to rescue some scientist who has some info about the impending Reaper invasion. If its as good as Lair of The Shadow Broker, its gunna be worth the 560 M$ points. (I wonder who decides how many M$ points DLC costs? seems a wee bit random 560 ?? why not a nice round number?? bet the person in Microsofts DLC department gets paid a shed load for picking DLC prices! fuck, I could do that job....bet he's got a pad of paper with loads of random numbers on it.."right, for the next piece of Avatar clothing I'm gunna pick... looks at pad 271 M$ points!!)

anyway....so yeah, next and last DLC for ME2 end of the month. I'll be getting it Smile
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Mass Effect 2 DLC Incoming
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