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 Fallout 3 Vs New Vegas

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PostSubject: Fallout 3 Vs New Vegas   Thu Jun 23, 2011 3:42 pm

Ok, both games are amazing, with each offering something different.... FO3 puts you in the shoes of a Vault Dweller, where NV places you as a Courier. I actually prefer Fallout 3 if I'm honest. Don't get me wrong, New Vegas is good, I like the weapon mods, different level of enemies (ie: deathclaw and Alpha Male DC), and the companion system works alot better. What I didn't like, was the story. In FO3, I cared wether my dude would see his dad again, and I was pi55ed off with the Enclave for making him sacrifice himself...damn Enclave!! Razz
I also enjoyed the side-quest from FO3 over the side quests in NV.... can't beat detonating a Nuclear bomb! Very Happy I missed the old sights of the Capital Wasteland too..

Also, the add-ons for FO3, are IMO far better... Broken Steel, which allows you to continue after you've supposedly "finished" the game, excellent... Operation Anchorage is amazing, so is The Pitt and Point Lookout, but the best has to be Mothership Zeta Very Happy I've not had the same amount of enjoyment with the NV DLC...infact, I can honestly say, I've downloaded all the DLC available, but I haven't ad the urge to play them!!

So, for me personally, Fallout 3 is the one 10/10!! Well, until Fallout 4 is released!!

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Fallout 3 Vs New Vegas
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