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 FarCry 2

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PostSubject: FarCry 2    Wed Jun 15, 2011 3:35 pm

This is another of my fave games... the MP mode is brilliant imo. I love the weapons, and the gameplay Smile When this was first released, there was a big fuss about how some weapons were over powered, but Ubisoft changed them to be more balanced. The single player mode is good, but I think the game area could've been a little smaller, and one thing that did annoy me abit, was when you're driving to a mission, a jeep or truck would come zooming down the road, and all the occupantswould start shooting you...I mean, how the hell did they know where I was? I'm in the middle of the friggin dessert!!

The map editor is the best feature of the game imo, I've spent hours making maps, tweaking them and then playing them! I know its not on par with Cod or Battlefield games, but theres something satisfying about playing a death match on a map you've made yourselff Smile

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FarCry 2
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