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 A little LA Noire Review =)

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PostSubject: A little LA Noire Review =)   Sun May 22, 2011 3:13 pm

Got this yesterday, and the first thing I noticed was its on three, yes THREE discs...must be a huge game... after waiting for what seemed like an eternity (well, two ciggys and a coffee) I started the game. First off, you play Cole Phelps, a decorated WWII vet who fought in the Pacific Campaign. You start off as a "beat" cop. It plays like a tutorial if I'm honest, "Press Y to get in car" sort of thing. You get to examine your first crime scene, have a go at hand-to-hand combat, and question your first witness and suspect. After this, you get tansfered to Traffic, and thats where the real work begins. I wont spoil it anymore, but from what I've played, the game is everything Rockstar promised! Very Happy

Its weird, driving and shooting sections play exactly like the GTA games, yet because you play a cop, you try your hardest to avoid hitting pedestrians and traffic! At one point, I was chasing a suspect, and they cut a corner, yet I did all I could to avoid driving on the pavement!
Graphically, LA Noire pushes the boundries in games IMO, the facial movements of Cole, and all the NPC's is spot on. The design of 1940's LA is brilliant, and the vehicles all handle as I would imagine their real-life conterparts would. You get a sense of being drawn into the era, pre-war LA, the glitz and glammer of 1940's Holywood, its all there, which I think makes an epic game! I've only just scratced the surface of the "main" missions, its not all "Go to crime scene, investigate, question suspect" on-route to places, you get calls over the radio, and its entirely upto you wether you do them or not. These range from muggings, to hold-ups or street shootings, which add to the experience of playing a police officer Smile
Like GTA, you can "commandeer" vehicles, should yours be damaged, but you only get "street crime" reports in a police car.

All in all, I'm really enjoying LA Noire, and I'm hoping Rockstar release some good DLC for it, as it stands now, I'm giving it 10 out of 10 Smile
If you don't yet have LA Noire, my advice is to get it...get it now!! Very Happy

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A little LA Noire Review =)
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