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 Mr Gamers Hints & Tips and Secets Guide to Mass Effect 1&2 (ME3 pending!!) *CONTAINS SPOILERS*

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PostSubject: Mr Gamers Hints & Tips and Secets Guide to Mass Effect 1&2 (ME3 pending!!) *CONTAINS SPOILERS*   Sun May 08, 2011 2:23 pm

Ok, so I've been playing Mass Effect 1&2 alot recently, and I thought I'd share some of my tips with you. You don't have to follow this tips, its upto you...obviously! Very Happy Oh, just incase you missed it, this post does contain spoilers!!


Logical place to start, Mass Effect 1... I'll begin with character creation, coz thats what you do at the start!
First, paragon vs renegade...right in the creation of your Shepard, theres some little things todo regarding your morality, male/female does'nt matter, but background does. If you plan on being Paragon, then select Spacer, War Hero..this gives you some bonus paragon points. Renegade? Select. Earthborn, Ruthless. And, if you plan to walk the line so to speak, then select, Colonial. Sole Survivor...simples!

Next, class... each brings different perks, drawbacks and gameplay experience. Soldier if you want to get in the enemies face and, and I found Infiltrator a good class, makes you think a little more tactically, and I found, use your squadmates more...plus, in Mass Effect 2, Infiltrators have a good power Wink more on that later.

I made 2 games to start, a Paragon Soldier class, with the background I mentioned. and a Renegade Infiltrator, again with the background "bonus". I've still yet to play as a Biotic...maybe before ME3 is released, I'll play thorugh again!
I wanted to see how each choice effects the game as a whole...but in all honesty, it does'nt really make a difference untill you carry Shepard over to ME2, again more on that later Smile

Armour wise, Heavy is by far the best for protection, but I found Medium offered the best all round..ie: Shields, and Damage protect, and the best armour in the game, IMO is the Collosus Armour. You can get a good set of Armour by completing Bringing Down the Sky DLC.

Weapons, well, any gun is good tbh, although if you have the money, Spectre weapons are ok, untill you get some mkX weapons anyway...and the Geth Rifle is also very good Smile In the Pinnicle Station add-on, you can "win" a unique weapon off of a Turian Smile And, you can also win your own Apartment too!

Squad, Well, this all depends on your class really...playing as a Soldier? Its always best to balance the squad with a Biotic, and a Tech Expert... I generally use Tali or Garus, with Liara.
Playing as an Engineer or Biotic? Then Wrex is a must imo.... then, fill the team up with whoever takes your fancy Smile

If theres one thing I could suggest, and If you have Mass Effect 2 (or plan to get it!) its that you do all the side-missions you can...you get some interesting conversations with NPC's when your exploring in ME2 Smile Take, Conrad Verner..he talks to you on the Citadel in ME1, he can be found in the Lower Wards, a level up from Morlans "Famous Shop" (you will be pleased, I think! Very Happy ) Anyway, in Mass Effect 2, when you go to Illium, Conrad shows up! Same as if you help Gianna Parasini on Noveria, she shows up during your travels too...its little things like that, imo that are a treat for fans Smile

Thats all on Mass Effect for now Smile


If like me, you played Mass Effect 1 till your eyes bled, then you can import your Shepard over. And, if you managed to get to level 50, you get some bonus creds and resources too Smile
You can even decide to change your class and looks if you like, but I kept everything the same. The whole lack of inventory gets easier to deal with as the game goes on imo.
Each class has been "tweaked" abit aswell.. remeber how I said Infiltrator class gets a good power? They get a power called Tactical Cloak...which I love Smile Basically, you can go invisable for a brief time, and sneak up on enemies, then bash them in the head, or take the cowardly route and shoot them in the back! Especially good against Scions!! Razz I like to use that power so I can get into a good firing postions Smile
Re: Powers, you'll notice that there isn't so many as in ME1, but again, I think its a good tweak. It means you can focus on making Shepard and squadmates quite a force to be reckoned with Smile

Weapons have also been scaled down aswell...now each class does'nt carry weapons they cant use, like in ME1..which, is a good thing too! I like the addition of SMG's...adds some cool elements to combat..and pistols play a bigger role too...tbh, in ME1 I very rarely used a pistol..same as Shotguns! Some DLC adds a Geth Plasma Shotty, which is cool!! Very Happy

DLC for ME2 is wicked.... I said in another post what Bioware gave as freebies if you get the Cerberus code. The dlc you have to pay for is a good addition to the game. Extra armour, like the Inferno Armour, weapons like the Arc Projector, and add-ons for team mates, like the alternate apperance packs. I know, it does'nt change the game, but its still good imo! Zaeed and Kasumi are good additons too...but I don't think they'll make a reapperance in 3...but who know!
The other add-ons like LOTSB (Lair of The Shadow Broker), Project: Overlord and now Arrival are crucial to anyone who plans to get ME3...they each fill in gaps between 2 & 3!
Stolen Memory is good too...you get a new weapon, the Locust SMG..a better version of the M4 or M9 Tempest...longer range, and better stopping power! As an Infiltrator, I use this all the time Smile Also, whilst in Donovan Hocks vault, theres a little easter egg to find Smile Amongst his collection, theres a statue..its an Ogre from Dragon Age : Origins Smile Examine the statue, and Kasumi says "Imagin meeting that in a dark alley" !

Anyway, I'm going off topic Very Happy

Squad mates in 2 are more diverse, again, as a Soldier, best to round up with Tech & Biotic, I found that I used Garrus and Mordin/Tali alot...but as Infitrator I used Grunt and either Miranda or Jack...Jacks biotics are amazing! I also used Samara alot too Smile If you play as a renegade, whilst doing Samaras loyalty misson, you can side with her daughter Morinth, simple help her when she asks, and hey presto! Evil Asari on your squad! She even pretends to be Samara when other crew members are around!! Very Happy

If you play on Hardcore mode, during the Recruit Tali mission, after you blow up the colum blocking your path, inside the next room is a Geth Rifle. Its a really cool sniper rifle Smile
On Tuchanka, theres a Krogan who runs a shop, Ratch's Wares. He has a pet Varren, and if you do a little side-mission for him, you can buy food for the Varren, and he'll follow you around, and you can win extra credits if you use him in the Varren pit-fights Smile

I've done most side mission's in ME2, coz we all know that ME3 is going to be epic...lets hope Bioware deliver what they promise...only time will tell! Hope you like my little guide, and If I've missed anything, let me know, or add them youselfs Smile

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Mr Gamers Hints & Tips and Secets Guide to Mass Effect 1&2 (ME3 pending!!) *CONTAINS SPOILERS*
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