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 Mr Gamers quick review of Ace Combat : Assault Horizon

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Mr Gamer

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PostSubject: Mr Gamers quick review of Ace Combat : Assault Horizon   Sat Dec 31, 2011 3:30 pm

I got this game yesterday having been a huge fan of the series since Air Combat on the PSX! If, like me you've played Ace Combat before, Asssault Horizon plays very much the same. A nice addition to the game is DFM, or Dog Fighting Mode. It switches the camera to an "over the shoulder" view, and makes it easier to keep track of your pray. I found in previous games, that I'd be locked on to a target, only for them to dissapear without a trace, DFM lets you follow the enemy until you shoot them down. Of course, the AI can counter your attack, swoop over you, and be on your tail! But, you can counter manouver the counter manouver! Very Happy

The story is a little different this time around, where as previous games where set in a fictional land, Assault Horrizon is set in the "real" world. The story was written by one of my favourite authors, Jim DeFelice. He co-wrote the Dreamland series of novels with another of my fave authours, Dale Brown (check out his books here :http://www.megafortress.com/dreamland/index01.htm Smile ) I think, its nice to be able to relate with proper places Smile Another good addition, is the way the developers have made the player an actual person, instead of and un-named pilot. You play as 4 different characters, each with their own view of things. You also get to use different aircraft, which I think is brilliant!! Theres the normal fighter planes, plus attack helicopters, and bombers. You also get to be a door gunner on a Blackhawk, aswell as a Fire Control Officer onboard an AC130U Gunship Cool

Theres loads of aircraft to unlock, (I've barely scratched the surface! Plus, loads of DLC packs aswell. Which I hate tbh!!) This time around, players don't "buy" aircraft, you choose from a selection that are available at the start of the mission. Wingmen now choose their own aircraft too.

Theres also a few multi-player modes, but I probably won't take it to MP....(I'd be sh**, and get pwnd!!)

All in all, and from what I've played, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is a brilliant addition to an already excellent series of games, and Bandai Namco have done a great job of updating the series. They've added alot of diversive gameplay to keep fans and newcomers happy, and I can't wait to get back into the skies.

I give the game a 9.5 out of 10 Smile

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Mr Gamers quick review of Ace Combat : Assault Horizon
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