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 Mercenaries 2.

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PostSubject: Mercenaries 2.   Thu Dec 15, 2011 4:34 pm

Had this game awhile ago, and after spending loads of time playing the first one, I was eagerly waiting for this. This one was done by EA, where as the original was done by Lucas Arts. First I noticed the cosmetic changes to the characters, whilst only slight, IMO EA didn't capture the essence of the first. The world seemed disproportioned to the first, vehicles seemed either to big, or to small for a adult to fit in!! Gameplay wise, I didn't enjoy it as much as the first. In Mercs 1 I felt a purpose to the game....kill or capture generals to learn the location of the "big boss". The vehicles where fun to use, weapons where better and overall, Mercs 1 felt finished. Mercs 2, to me felt rushed, the controls where clunky, graphics were'nt what I expected from a Next-Gen game, and the story was, IMO a little bit pants!! The safehouse you get at the start of the game, was abit pointless...you had a garage, yet you could'nt store your vehicles at all, or a place to store all your collected weapons. Missions where far too short, or easy : "accept mission...get tank...blow the sh** outta everythin'!", rinse and repeat. In Mercs 1, some missions made you think tactically.
Another issue I had was the "drop-in, drop-out" multiplayer mode. If you forgot to set to private, you'd get a stupid, game ruining moron join in. I lost count of the times I was in the middle of a mission, and some di** joined in and fu**ed the mission up!! IMO, Multiplayer was fun if you gamed with a friend.

Anyway, thats my thoughts, heres a gameplay vid Smile

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Mercenaries 2.
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