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 Mass Effect 2 Add-ons...My thoughts.

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PostSubject: Mass Effect 2 Add-ons...My thoughts.   Wed Apr 06, 2011 3:09 pm

When I first got Dragon Age : Origins, I learned of the first add-on for ME2...the Blood Dragon Armour, and that, if I'm honest got me interested in, what I like to call "pointless add-ons" or, "stuff that should've been in the game in the f**kin first place!" You know what I mean, stuff like extra car packs for Forza 3 or TDU2. Or, the extra "charecters" for TFU...which I got, only to find out that it wasn't extra charecters, but rather Starkiller 'dressed' up...anyway...

back to the add-ons for ME2...imo the Blood Dragon Armour was a nice addition, a free bit of kit from Bioware! Zaeed was also a good addition to the crew...but, wtf was the Normandy Crash site about?? All it consisted of was running around lookin for glowing orbs..or dog tags as we where led to believe...don't get me wrong, I've got nothing wrong with freebies, but the Normandy crash could've been alot better....maybe throw in some looters for us to shoot maybe?? Then there was the Fire Walker pack...again, not bad for a freebie...although, to me it all felt abit linear..."Go this way, coz we say so...but you can't complain coz we gave you planetary exploration.."
The alternate appearence packs are ok I suppose, and the weapon packs aren't that bad, but to me, the freebies we got, and the other little things SHOULD'VE BEEN IN THE GAME TO START WITH!!
It started to get better with Stolen Memory, then improved again with Overlord, then IMO Lair of The Shadow Broker pissed allover the rest of the dlc!! It took awhile to finish, which is what all dlc should be like... I've yet to play The Arrival, but if its anything like LoTSB, then I'm in for a treat! Smile
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Mass Effect 2 Add-ons...My thoughts.
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