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PostSubject: Homefront.   Sun Apr 03, 2011 2:14 pm

I was in two minds about Homefront before I bought it. On one hand, its made by THQ and Kaos, who made the excellent Frontlines Fuel of War, which I played everyday till now!! lol...on the other hand, I read lots of complaints about it...no party support, small number of servers and game freeze issues. In the end, I decided to take the plunge, and I got it a week after release. Once in the old 360, I got a title update. Then, once it had loaded, I joined an MP game. From the first time I respawned I loved it!! The gameplays not as fast as MW2 (thank god!!) but it goes at a steady pace...the gameplay also reminds me of Bad Company 2...you have to take things tactically, (again, CoD players find that difficult...you can always tell on any FPS games, who the die-hard CoD players are...there the ones running around like a headless chicken, trying their hardest to "quick scope" you!! Very Happy )
Back to HF...the weapons are pretty good, and I like the fact you've got things to unlock for most weapons too...ok, so there isn't many weapons in the game, but I don't think that matters tbh...the vehicles are good too. I managed to get a tank the other day, and managed afew kills before I got pwned!! Again. I found the vehicles are not too powerful, so you can't spend all match in a tank or a chopper. The battlepoints system is a good idea, if you want a vehicle, you have to earn it..you can't sit at the back of the map and snipe, which is a bloody good thing too!!
Theres no "bases" either, so base-camping (which happens alot on CoD games, and even BC2) is a thing of the past, and if you "spawn kill" you don't get no points..I can't say I've seen any spawn camping as of yet tbh....the game modes are great, Ground War is very reminisant of FFOW, which I love! Smile
Battle Commander is another great game mode, it adds more playability to an already excellent game! THQ may not be as "big" as EA or Activision, but I think they've done a spot on job, considering they had a limited budget...every game I've been in as had a full 32 player server, so it can't be doing that bad can it?? Ok, so there was a few teething problems to start, but the last 3 or 4 "new" releases I've got have needed some sort of update, and things have needed to be fixed, which Kaos are well aware of, and have fixed all issues now...

If I'm completely honest, I think HF pisses all over MW2 and Black-ops on the Multi-player side of things...no boosters, no skill-less quick-scopers and NO spawn camping!
Maybe, all the people who got rid 2 days after release, should've kept it and been a little more patient...I was and now I have an epic Multi-player game, that I'm enjoying.
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PostSubject: Re: Homefront.   Sun Apr 03, 2011 11:49 pm

A very well written analysis of the game matey!

I do agree, I probably should have kept the game and hung on till it was patched, but like many out there, I'm impatient and fickle.

My one big problem was that I did encounter a lot of spawn camping and had the opportunity to do it myself (I never would). It may have been that I was just unlucky or that issue has been patched, but that is one of my big annoyances in any game.

Apparently there will be a sequel and I am glad that it has full servers, but for me that ship has sailed.

The good thing is that we now have 3 big AAA FPS games running, instead of just two (BL Ops and BC2).
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